Silver rings

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Silver ring with agate

1,350 LEI 1,845 LEI

Agate Stone Silver Ring design by Ibralhoff. Agate Stone Silver Ring design by Ibralhoff...

Silver and gold ring

1,690 LEI 2,025 LEI

Silver ring ressembling intricate nobility seal; visually demanding, intensely crafted with minute care for every detail. Always fashionable ring and still mastering fashion. Its rectangular shape enc..

Silver and gold ring

2,499 LEI 2,745 LEI

A literally royal jewel, magnificent with some fabulous design and flawless craftsmanship and a powerful feeling about it.A beautiful art piece, uniqhe, modern, imperial: it conveys power emotion and ..

Five ametist stone silver ring

2,100 LEI 2,273 LEI

Silver ring with amethyst featuring a truly architectural and baroque look, of inexhausible expressivity which combines the fluid element and rigurous geometry. Five ametist stone silver ring, handm..

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