Choose between different models of silver rings handmade with great mastery.
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Sterling silver ring with natural moonstone Myriad Scintillations

475 LEI

Enchanting, fairytale gem, completely handmade, instantly wins you over and reveals that inner fire, that expressiveness and that adulation that only a natural and splendid moonstone can reveal...

Sterling silver ring and natural Moon stone

550 LEI

Own an extraordinary, extraordinarily beautiful and expressive piece that highlights premium silver and a wonderful specimen of natural moonstone, talisman stone of new beginnings, symbolizing growth ..

Entirely handcrafted ring in solid Ag 925 silver and faceted green crystal

250 LEI

Chic, urban, inspirational, ready to hit the town...

Sterling silver ring and crystal BlueCore

220 LEI

Chic, gorgeous, feminine, delicate, ethereal, instant absolute love guaranteed...

Sterling silver ring and crystal BlueRift

200 LEI

Cool, casual, feminine, tempting, floral, refined, irrefutable...

Sterling silver ring and citrine

250 LEI

The reinvented classic and a touch of modernity, in a celebratory ring...

Unique ring entirely handcrafted in solid Ag925 silver and natural dendritic agate Nature's Gift

700 LEI

The gifts of nature, such as this wonderful Dendritic Agate, as well as the strong and noble silver extracted from the bowels of the planet, are valued in this inspirational ring, an urban statement f..

Sterling silver ring with natural aventurine jasper stone

380 LEI

An urban piece that combines sterling silver with a brushed texture and a heliotrope jasper stone also known as the warrior's stone, a stone worn by warriors in ancient times and believed to inspire c..

Sterling silver ring with natural aventurine amethyst Purple Halo

700 LEI

Seductive this piece, like a halo, like an aura and a mandorla mantra for your fingers. The circle represents solarity, perfection, the sun disk, unity, balance, community. Centrally positioned amethy..

Sterling silver ring with natural lapislazuli Blue Diva

550 LEI

Manifest the difference by wearing a statement jewel with the particularities conferred by the manufacturing process, in this case a chic, feminine jewel with floral motifs, an opportunity to collect ..

Sterling silver ring with natural onyx stone VelvetatHeart

700 LEI

Relax in the presence of this captivating jewel, a piece that brings beauty and elegance to your outfits and attitude, along with the tonic and strong energy vibrations of the onyx, vibrations of prot..

Sterling silver ring cat eye

300 LEI

Chic, comfy, with aerodynamic sports allure, a small scepter of your personal power...

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