Silver bracelets

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Silver bracelet with natural agath stone

1,900 LEI 2,160 LEI

Gorgeous silver bracelet of needlework mastery pretty much like subtile precios metal  filigree fabrics: 100% per cent hand made featuring at the centre of it a beautiful natural crazy agath stone. S..

Silver bracelet

1,999 LEI 2,541 LEI

Hand made and hand crafted creation of flawless craftsmanship with absolutely dazzling visual effect wherein each and every detail is closely worked off to perfection. Silver bracelet, design by Ibra..

Silver bracelet

2,005 LEI 3,375 LEI

This exceptional creation of finest craftsmanhip addresses a sensual, interesting woman of strong character and personaliy and romantic taste, receptive to beauty in all its facets. Silver bracelet, ..

Silver and gold bracelet

3,466 LEI

Gold and silver bracelet of exquisite artistry and timeless consummate craftsmanship which re-enacts and plays out on and on floral motifs and lacework of precious fabrics. It bears the very mark of t..

Silver bracelet

2,025 LEI 2,686 LEI

Refined, gorgeously textured bracelet of brath-taking craftiness and singular visual effect drawing attention instantly.Classical, Renaissance and Medieval touches grow fully harmonious in all things ..

Silver bracelet

1,890 LEI 2,178 LEI

This lavish, highly fashionable art piece expresses altogether firmness and elegance, prowess and noblesse; It has got both medieval and Romantic marks and touches traceable either in motifs, techniqu..

Silver bracelet

1,900 LEI 2,215 LEI

This marvellous piece highlights its complex telling design through which the artist touched with infinite delicacy the minutely layered geometry of floral motifs. Silver bracelet, design by Ibralhof..

Silver bracelet

1,500 LEI 1,823 LEI

Our artisans have created a beautifully stylish jewel of accurate slickness of detail; it's a bracelet which suitably addresses a sophisticated woman, with strong personality both senzitive and sensuo..

Silver bracelet

2,590 LEI 3,645 LEI

This bracelet follows an elaborate intricate pattern inspired byy noble coat-of-arms, by Italy's palaces, abodes, fashion and clothing as well as the lavish garments of old Greek-Byzanthine aristocrac..

Silver bracelet

2,800 LEI 3,825 LEI

Majestic creation of powerfully royal cast shedding light on its truly fabulous design. This unique piece of value old Byzanthine jewel-making techniques; 100% hand made and hand crafted. Silver brac..

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