Silver bracelets

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Silver bracelet

3,375 LEI

This exceptional creation of finest craftsmanhip addresses a sensual, interesting woman of strong character and personaliy and romantic taste, receptive to beauty in all its facets. Silver bracelet, ..

Silver bracelet, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
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Silver bracelet

2,178 LEI

This lavish, highly fashionable art piece expresses altogether firmness and elegance, prowess and noblesse; It has got both medieval and Romantic marks and touches traceable either in motifs, techniqu..

Silver bracelet

1,823 LEI

Our artisans have created a beautifully stylish jewel of accurate slickness of detail; it's a bracelet which suitably addresses a sophisticated woman, with strong personality both senzitive and sensuo..

Silver bracelet

3,645 LEI

This bracelet follows an elaborate intricate pattern inspired byy noble coat-of-arms, by Italy's palaces, abodes, fashion and clothing as well as the lavish garments of old Greek-Byzanthine aristocrac..

Silver bracelet

3,825 LEI

Majestic creation of powerfully royal cast shedding light on its truly fabulous design. This unique piece of value old Byzanthine jewel-making techniques; 100% hand made and hand crafted. Silver brac..

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