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Sterling silver ring and natural sunstone Pinnacle of Love

1,100 LEI

Anthological statement piece, exulting magnetism and personality, a captivating flawless beauty, with angelic symbolism for superior protection...

Unique ring entirely handcrafted in solid Ag925 silver and natural zoisite ruby

450 LEI

Interesting, attractive, casually flirty piece, with a wonderful natural chromaticism, as only nature can bring out, and plant motifs symbolizing rebirth and fertility...

Toolkit to Nature one-of-a-kind ring, entirely handmade in solid Ag925 silver, amethyst and dalloz citrine

1,000 LEI

A unique work of art in noble silver and majestic citrine, it values floral motifs as symbols of exemplary femininity, plant motifs such as acorn and foliage as symbols of regeneration, parentage and ..

Unique ring completely handmade in solid Ag925 silver and CandyGirl crystals

400 LEI

If you've ever been a fan of candy and sweets, but you gave in or are still tempted, well, now you can wear this harmless childhood fetish on your finger and enjoy this ageless delight...

Sterling silver ring and natural carnelian Quench those Reds

400 LEI

An urban, versatile, retro-cool unisex piece, it expresses power, authority, attitude...

Unique ring completely handcrafted in solid Ag925 silver and natural SunFlowering sunstone

650 LEI

A statement jewel that frenzies your senses, a gorgeous piece that exalts brilliance, femininity, blossoming, maturity. The natural sunstone, in dazzling red and gold shades, soothes and gratifies at ..

Unique ring completely handmade in solid Ag925 silver and Dalloz citrine Revel in the Takeoff

1,200 LEI

An exuberant, provocative statement piece, emblematic of femininity and the magic of female power, capable of regeneration, birth and rebirth, fecundity and metamorphosis. The insect in flight with a ..

Sterling silver ring and pearl Pure Intentions

500 LEI

Redefine elegance in your authentic and particular style with this refined and extremely chic piece...

Sterling silver ring and gold Solar Curves

600 LEI

A very chic urban piece, an enclave of purity and beauty, which represents the solar disk and the myth of eternal return, feminine ready-to-wear...

Sterling silver ring and natural lapislazuli Angel Embrace

420 LEI

A charming ring, urban casual, a welcome island of color, embraced suggestively by angel wings...

Sterling silver ring and gold Solar Rush

650 LEI

An attractive, urban, spacious, original, very chic and ready-to-wear piece, gold and silver combo in a happy relationship...

Sterling silver ring and citrine Lovely Acorn

399 LEI

Unique, chic, unconventional, an acorn ring that symbolizes rebirth and fecundity...

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