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Sterling silver ring and gold Flower Haven

1,400 LEI

A flamboyant statement piece, which enriches your mood and perception of beauty, an exceptional visual and tactile regal, dummy bouquet of flowers, birds and butterflies, whose scents and movements yo..

Sterling silver ring Dream Watch Tower

540 LEI

Unique statement ring with ascending architecture and delicate floral surrounds, a piece to identify with and to admire...

Sterling silver ring whit zirconiu pink

120 LEI

Chic, casual, comfortable, a small accessory to inspire your outfits...

Sterling silver ring Call him Jim

800 LEI

Unique statement ring, a bold talisman ring for lovers of nature and fabulous creatures...

Sterling silver ring with natural quartz stone

400 LEI

Immerse yourself in the diaphanous magic of rose quartz, let yourself be guided by this eminently feminine talismanic stone and meet all challenges with grace, calmness and inspiration...

Sterling silver ring with natural aventurine tiger s eye stone Tiger Orb

400 LEI

The globular tiger's eye has empowering virtues, giving your attitude everyday elegance and poise. Premium silver structurally supports the mineral for casual wear without compromise...

Vanity Baroque one-of-a-kind entirely handmade ring in solid Ag925 silver, cat's eye and lapis lazuli

400 LEI

A decorative object with baroque accents, an original piece of jewelry with an additional charm, which challenges you to approach the meaning of the jewelry from several perspectives...

Sterling silver ring Runica

550 LEI

A superb ring sui generis, interesting, challenging piece, of fabulous magnetism. It can be worn daily, giving you that edge of glamor and extravagance you deserve...

Large Sterling Silver ring and natural carnelian Feral Flower Chemistry

1,260 LEI

A flamboyant magical flower, author's creation, a botanical royalty, intense visual challenge, a superb jewel that venerates originality, inventiveness, audacity, while celebrating the spirit of femin..

Sterling silver ring Turtoise Epiphanies

500 LEI

Reconnect to the rich mythology of the original turtle, symbol of resilience and fertility, prosperity and longevity. Faithfully crafted in silver, with descriptive details marked by truthfulness, thi..

Sterling silver ring and lapislazuli

400 LEI

How about a distinctive coat of arms imagined as a cryptic armory symbolized by the crossed keys, united by the magic eye of lapis lazuli and whose interpretations can digress to infinity and whose pu..

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