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Sterling silver ring with 14k gold Thrive & ignite

499 LEI 650 LEI

Sterling silver ring with 14k gold Thrive & ignite,  handmade by Ibralhoff Superb one of a kind statement haute-couture jewel  conveying  boundless sensuality and empowerment...

Sterling silver ring with 14k gold Receptacle Of Light

175 LEI

Hypercool handmade jewel handcrafted from highest quality Sterling silver combined with a beautifully cut natural lapislazuli stone. ..

Sterling silver ring, with three teardrop-shaped amethyst stones, 14 k gold, engraved, handmade& handcrafted

449 LEI 650 LEI

You’ll get genuinely and absolutely startled by the unique beauty of this royal creation!Lots of creativity, originality, savoir faire, technique and innovation, aura and mystique, sense and sensibili..

Sterling silver ring Young Brand

235 LEI

Sterling silver ring Young Brand Sterling silver engagement ring . Chic and symbolic. ..

Sterling silver ring with bluish cabochon haolite and 14K gold rounds, handmade &handcrafted

574 LEI

Spellbinding crowning paradigm of femininity and visibility. Plays positively with your finest emotions. A supreme tactile and aesthetic joy...

Sterling silver ring with 14K gold half-circle, handmade&handcrafted

578 LEI

Leave yourself emotion-borne! This splendid creation is a truly visual metaphor, romantic and aristocratic altogether, of some terrible fascination! Make it your own pleasure scape and identity assert..

Sterling silver ring Summer Temper

303 LEI

Sterling silver ring Summer Temper with gold...

Sterling silver ring Summer Season

354 LEI

Sterling silver ring Summer Season..

Sterling silver ring Quicksands & Tides, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver ring Quicksands & Tides

152 LEI

Sterling silver ring Quicksands & Tides with gold, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. Slender jewel that feels confidently comfortable, chic, elegant and above all, authentic on your finger. Inspir..

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