Choose between different models of silver rings handmade with great mastery.
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Sterling silver ring with natural jasper stone Sangria Tales

440 LEI

A magnificent, chic, urban ring, a story of femininity and determination, an inspiration in itself...

Sterling silver ring and crystal Flowering

600 LEI

Unique, floral, romantic, vegetal, butaphoric handmade creation...

Sterling silver ring with natural aventurine Green Tea

300 LEI

Provocative, urban chic and inspirational, a versatile piece, quickly adoptable by the modern woman...

Sterling silver ring with green crystal

150 LEI

Chic, youthful, versatile, ready-to-wear..

Sterling silver ring with natural crystals Peacocking

1,500 LEI

Dare to wear extravagant difference in a World subject to banal and repetitive patterns; identify yourself through a statement piece of art, with an ancient amuletier breath translated into contempora..

Sterling silver ring with natural lapislazuli Rising Bluzz

900 LEI

A hypnotizing statement piece, which blends into an ineffably unique concoct, incorrigible romanticism and urbanity, becomes a personalized way of self-expression...

Unique handmade ring in solid Ag925 silver, gold flower and Swarovski flowers' Paradise crystals

1,300 LEI

A paradise in bloom, garnished with silver fields and inviting crystals, to create the individualized piece you crave!..

Large Sterling Sterling Silver ring and crystals Glorious Takeoff

1,200 LEI

Meet this extravagant artisan phantasmagoria and let yourself be conquered by its extraordinary chemistry. Metaphor of flight in a pure play of light and color, which corresponds to an unruly flight o..

Sterling silver ring and yellow amazonite

420 LEI

A beautiful, versatile, feminine piece that inspires both energy and relaxation, strength and gentleness...

Sterling silver ring Turtoise on Leave

535 LEI

Untidy, attractive ring, animal totem, incentive for imagination and good mood...

Sterling silver ring with natural amethyst Patch of Ink

320 LEI

Classic, versatile, feminine, ready-to-wear, a perfectly oval spot of purple ink zipped in premium Silver...

Sterling silver ring and amethyst Hats &Loves

450 LEI

A dream jewel for the woman of our times, a talisman ring, which exudes grace, modernity, femininity...

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