Choose between different models of silver rings handmade with great mastery.
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Sterling silver ring and aquamarine Greenbluishness

365 LEI

A gorgeous, feminine, mesmerizing track, track with spunk and urban aura...

Sterling silver ring with natural malachite Green Island

700 LEI

Crown your outfits with this piece-poetry, statement piece that combines the brilliance of masterfully crafted noble silver and the talismanic malachite. Malachite is said to have multiple therapeutic..

Sterling silver ring and natural agate stone

270 LEI

Unique, inspirational, urban and tonic, that wonderful ring will reward you in every moment...

Sterling silver ring and jade

260 LEI

Urban, casual, casual chic, very comfortable and inspiring...

Unique ring entirely handcrafted in solid Ag925 silver and natural jade Green on Team

600 LEI

Make friends with this massive, prominent piece of undeniable magnetism and prestige, vibrant green, green jade being traditionally associated with abundance, luck and healing. Jade is said to bring c..

Sterling silver ring and crystal Laurea

260 LEI

Feminine, flirty, alluring, youthful, ready to wear...

Sterling silver ring with natural rock crystal

400 LEI

If you want to enjoy energetic elevation, choose rock crystal in beneficial tandem with premium silver. The handmade creation highlights this effective healer, namely, the rock crystal. It has natural..

Ring entirely handmade in silver Ag 925 Double Wear

200 LEI

Chic, modern, urban, for casual flirty daily wear. Features two ways of wearing/presenting...

Sterling silver and gold ring

1,200 LEI

A work of excellence for any goldsmith, a regal beauty and uniqueness, with meanings to the wearer...

Sterling silver ring with natural cat's eye stone

260 LEI

Young, casual, with a touch of perennial urban coquetry...

Sterling silver ring with natural cat's eye stone

250 LEI

Chic, attractive, marine, memory of a summer...

Unique ring completely handmade in solid Ag925 silver and natural rainbow Obsidian Damsel's Treat

1,200 LEI

Absolutely fascinating this love story of silver with obsidian, one of those occasions when a mineral and a metal seem made for each other. Rainbow obsidian, also called iris obsidian, is literally ca..

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