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Sterling silver necklace

500 LEI

Chic, massive, versatile, easy to accessorize with various urban outfits...

Sterling silver pendant Tree of Love

230 LEI

Chic, versatile, a-porter price, a very special assortment of pendants...

Sterling silver necklace with natural fire opal and green crystals

400 LEI

Unique, versatile, chic and inspiring..

Sterling silver necklace and natural lapislazuli

620 LEI

Catching, empowering, chic, finest on sweaters and jackets...

Sterling silver necklace and natural gray Obsidian

400 LEI

A wonderful, original, feminine necklace with revalued botanical elements...

Sterling silver necklace and natural Obsidian stone

700 LEI

A superb, potent and inspirational pendant, a statement gem that showcases a superb rainbow obsidian, a powerful mineral with legendary therapeutic virtues...

Sterling silver pendant and natural carnelian Christmas Ball

400 LEI

Lovely Christmasy silver pendant clinging to your neck like no other talisman..

Sterling silver necklace

500 LEI

Chic, youthful, versatile, modern, goes just great with whichever you like...

Sterling silver pendant Blue Heart

150 LEI

Chic, versatile, youthful, ideal to trim every outfit...

Sterling silver pendant Wonder Box

450 LEI

Old school magnificent vintage sterling pendant with natural opal stone, beautifying your stylish garments...

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