Silver earrings

Puneti-va in valoare cu cerceii potiviti!
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Sterling silver earrings AngelClaire

280 LEI

Chic, casual, pleasant, attractive, mobile, pret-a-porter...

Unique earrings completely handmade in silver Ag925 and Ag850 and smoky crystals

300 LEI

Elegant, feminine, comfortable, airy, mega chic, they symbolize abundance and plenty...

Sterling silver earrings Angelic Smart

350 LEI

Chic, elegant, comfortable, with symbolism attached...

Sterling silver earrings Flutterin

350 LEI

Tonic, youthful, cool, feminine, delightful...

Sterlingsilver earrings Angel Strokes

400 LEI

A paradigmatic, symbiotic, symbolic pair, diaphanous, light, airy-comfy earrings, worked in the shape of angel wings to emphasize the intrinsic message of divine protection and kinship of the mundane ..

Sterling silver earrings SwingThing

200 LEI

Unique chic, modern retro, pleasant and easy to wear...

Sterling silver earrings Bees & Flowers

300 LEI

Gorgeous, feminine, fascinating, wonder to your ear!..

Sterling silver earrings and crystals

300 LEI

Chic, comfortable, feminine, versatile...

Sterling silver earrings and pearls with a patina Feast of the Outcast

300 LEI

A pair of modernist, atypical, chic, original earrings, not for the conventional. Intense, gothic, ready to ride...

Sterling silver earrings Portent to Spring

220 LEI

Feminine, floral, angelic, allegory of spring, hints of humanity's childhood, symbols of regained innocence, these wonderful earrings faithfully reproduce the organicity and anatomy of hyacinth flower..

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