Silver bracelets

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Sterling silver ring with lapislazuli

473 LEI

Effectful silver ring, youngish and comfy. You’ll love it! So very chic and shapely. At office , on street, with your bathing suit, at fancy showy dinners, it’s simply wowing! Feels so good on your sk..

Sterling silver ring with bluish cat’s eye stone, engraved

405 LEI

Gorgeous , sophisticated bracelet, of impeccable, ravishing beauty. Intensely engraved. Very ladylike.Aristocratic and haute couture, it ensnares anyone irretrievably.  Signature jewel. Premium qualit..

Sterling silver bracelet, with intense green agate stones

327 LEI

Place your bet on this summer jewel, so chic and fluid, versatile and intensely greenish. It’s trendy and youngish, very holiday like, and brings on the feeling of glowing seas as well as the sense of..

Sterling silver bracelet, geometrical

302 LEI

Nonconformist, sporty, geometrical. Versatility, ease and vogue all in one! At work, on holiday or simply out in the city, you’ll make a stir! Prêt- a-porter, streety chic and trendy slim. Kicking! Li..

Sterling silver bracelet, engraved, handmade & handcrafted

371 LEI

Self-image / visuality/ visibility- prime politics of accomplishment. That’s the very core of this success story. Expressive, compatible, on the same wavelength with you, unfailing in every milieu.Tre..

Sterling silver bracelet with vegetal symbol—leaf, design by Ibralhoff

252 LEI

Chic, trendy, visibly urban bracelet, sheds positive light on your wear.Your dress code just wouldn’t be complete without it.Of super effect...

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