Choose between different models of silver bracelets handmade with great mastery.
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Sterling silver cuff, sunstone and natural lapislazuli

630 LEI

Chic, versatile, casual, urban bracelet, easily accessorized with various outfits...

Unicat Fully Handcrafted Solid Ag925 Silver and Satin Pink Cat's Eye Exclusive Hand Engraved PrettyLove Bracelet

1,800 LEI

A magnificent statement piece, crafted with care and passion, painstakingly engraved by hand, embodying timeless femininity. The heart symbols subtly attached to the flanks complement the central flow..

Sterling silver bracelet

460 LEI

Modern, versatile, chic, urban, casual...

Sterling silver bracelet cuff

730 LEI

Feminine, chic, inspirational, perfect for any occasion and any outing...

Sterling silver bracelet Spin your Yarn

849 LEI

Rigorously crafted, entirely manufactured, with soul, love and artisanal passion, this iconic bracelet will ennoble the wrist of the urban goddess who will wear it...

Sterling silver cuff Greenest Hook

1,090 LEI

Like an indefatigable Arachne, I have woven this rope of seduction that combines craftsmanship, concentration, craft, the idea of urbanity and femininity; braided rope in the best quality silver to wh..

Sterling silver cuff GreenWithin

400 LEI

Pret-a-porter bracelet, youthful, glamorous, saturated with color...

Sterling silver cuff and cat's eye stones Ivory Blues

400 LEI

Super chic and comfy, elegant and youthful, unparalleled pleasure, ready to go out into the world...

Sterling silver cuff Love Borne

2,600 LEI

A gorgeous statement piece, painstakingly crafted using traditional hand techniques, a stunning bracelet with floral plant design and a timeless allure. Your femininity will be highlighted by this rep..

Sterling silver cuff and cat's eye stones, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver cuff and cat's eye stones

350 LEI

Chic, versatile, light, comfortable, easily accessorized..

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