Choose between different models of silver bracelets handmade with great mastery.
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Silver cuff Lace & Grace

600 LEI

Outstanding silver cuff ressembling those enchantingly mysterious and preserving mousarabies, breathing out equally outstanding femininity ethos...

Sterling silver, 14kgold and aquamarine FineGear

1,900 LEI

Addict yourself to one spectacular gold and silver cuff with the indelible touch of delicately floral romanticism, obsessively chic and pervasively ready to wear...

Sterling silver cuff Bigtime Boho

900 LEI

Stay hooked and totally ensnared with one of a kind boho tribal piece of jewelry! Worship and fetishize each other!..

Sterling silver cuff and sunstones SunBlast

1,499 LEI

Statement Sterling silver cuff igniting your mood, firing up your enthusiasm, bringing out the best of your spirits!..

Sterling silver cuff and natural lapislazuli On a Blue Rampage

1,399 LEI

Scoop out some vibrant and irrepressible wows committing yourself soulfully to this totally ensnaring and jaw dropping sterling silver cuff featuring chuncky round lapislazuli stones. Matching quite w..

Sterling silver cuff Flower Syntax

890 LEI

Genuine flower syntax bearing the sweet scent of sun, warmth and summer feel unreeling around your wrist, whispering the song of love and beauty within you...

Sterling silver cuff and natural amethyst stones Soulful Summer

1,200 LEI

Entirely eye catching and breath taking is this gorgeous sterling silver jewel piece with two empowering teaming amethyst stones on end, just enough to propel and embark you on the poetry journey you ..

Sterling Silver cuff and Amethyst I'mnotheretoresistyou

520 LEI

I'm not here to resist you, says this extra chic, feminine and luring sterling cuff. The Llush amethyst showcases inclusions, verily, a peculiarity of natural gemstones . Which only adds to the inhere..

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