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Sterling silver ring Sweet Rose

499 LEI

Feast your heart and eyes on one fabulous iconic erect rose-shaped ring, a symbol of archetypal femininity, par excellance...

Sterling silver earrings and crystals BesottedwithCrystals

500 LEI

Ornate your outfit and figure with a gorgeous pair of sterling dangles playing femininity and romantic inuuendoes...

Sterling silver earrings and crystals Ambrosia

500 LEI

Dress your lovely little ears with a fabulous pair of sterling dangles, speaking out energy, vibe, freshness, vegetal juiciness!..

Large Sterling Silver ring and aquamarine TimetoThrive

1,100 LEI

One terribly beautiful inspiring romantic jewel piece boasting gorgeous and minutely crafted floral motifs that will leave you speechless!..

Sterling silver ring and aquamarine Goddess of Pan

700 LEI

One particularly empowering noble piece of art, beautifully valuing the idea of wealth, prosperity, bountiness, regeneration, the inexhaustible generosity and profusion of mother Nature...

Sterling silver ring and jasper

499 LEI

Go glowing by wearing this inspiring feminine solar jewel that will definitely make you proud!..

Sterling silver ring Snakables

240 LEI

Heavily enchanting pret a-porter sterling versatile ring, one lovely snakable call you can't resist to !..

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