Spring Collection

The spring collection is dedicated to the strong and sophisticated woman, the jewels being extremely versatile due to the complexity of the colors of the stones and the uniqueness of the design note. The vibrant chrome of precious stones embroidered in jewelery blends with the perfect, handmade details.

A subtle melanch of force and fragility, nature will always serve as a muse in making unique jewels. Choose fine jewelry or opulent pieces made of 925 silver with precious applications, unconventional shapes and surprising details to decorate you in the spring. It's time to get out of the comfort zone and venture into the fabulous realm of creation. Handmade jewelry reflects our desire to portray the splendor of nature.

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Sterling silver ring Love&More

190 LEI 202 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love&More. Feel the incredible addictive vibe of this exuberant and accurate piece of jewelry designed to offer you uncompromising pleasure! Wear and stay aware! Daily beauty all..

Sterling silver ring Love Vibe

253 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love Vibe with 2 tiger’s eye and gold-plated silver symbol, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff.  Free yourself to some new dimension of beauty wear. The feeling is exceptional...

Sterling silver ring Love Setting, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver ring Love Setting

145 LEI 172 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love Setting with gold...

Sterling silver ring Love Scan

99 LEI 122 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love Scan with 2 goldstones. Astonish your party with your latest flame on finger!..

Sterling silver ring Love is the Name of the Game

374 LEI

Sumptuous large sterling silver ring Love is the Name of the Game, with tiger’s eyes and amethyst, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. Concatenated stones of incredible intense colour embedded in st..

Sterling silver ring Love Hive

157 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love Hive with cat’s eye. Set out on a particular, hued and scented experience of beauty ever thriving and radiating from beneath overlapping  rippling vibes of emotion-filled la..

Sterling silver ring Love Couture

295 LEI 303 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love Couture, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. Lavish committing jewel. Modern revelation with a Classic kick.Outwits your farthest and highest expectations in terms of prêt-..

Sterling silver ring Layers Of Love

155 LEI 162 LEI

Sterling silver ring Layers Of Love. Spiral up your love! Merge with outstanding magic, leave yourself enticed, bewitched, committed!..

Sterling silver ring Lay All Love on Me, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver ring Lay All Love on Me

202 LEI

Sterling silver ring Lay All Love on Me. Brace yourself to aquiring and being the sole owner of this gorgeous-looking breath-arresting much visible, eye-catching jewel. Therefore you’ll definitely st..

Sterling silver ring Intenso

106 LEI

Sterling silver ring Intenso with red jasper and tiger’s eye, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. Youngish, cool, instant magnet...

Sterling silver ring Hooked on You

253 LEI

Sterling silver ring Hooked on You with lapis lazuli and infinity symbol hearted, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. It’s extravagant, it’s faintly unconventional, powerfully tempting! Unavoidably ..

Sterling silver ring Green Velvet

152 LEI

Sterling silver ring Green Velvet, with agate stone, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff...

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