Spring Collection

The spring collection is dedicated to the strong and sophisticated woman, the jewels being extremely versatile due to the complexity of the colors of the stones and the uniqueness of the design note. The vibrant chrome of precious stones embroidered in jewelery blends with the perfect, handmade details.

A subtle melanch of force and fragility, nature will always serve as a muse in making unique jewels. Choose fine jewelry or opulent pieces made of 925 silver with precious applications, unconventional shapes and surprising details to decorate you in the spring. It's time to get out of the comfort zone and venture into the fabulous realm of creation. Handmade jewelry reflects our desire to portray the splendor of nature.

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Sterling silver Spread of Love

253 LEI

Sterling silver Spread of Love with lapis lazuli and gold-plated silver symbol, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. This jewel is a statement, reiteration of freedom, rebellious youth and exuberance..

Sterling silver ring The Basics of Love

172 LEI

Sterling silver ring The Basics of Love with 2 oval goldstones, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff...

Sterling silver ring Soft Eruption

253 LEI

Sterling silver ring Soft Eruption, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff...

Sterling silver ring Shades of Blackness

172 LEI

Sterling silver ring Shades of Blackness. Rivets you. Full stop. Snatches your heart away...

Sterling silver ring ScrewyLove

253 LEI

Sterling silver ring ScrewyLove with 2 amethyst stones and gold-plated silver heart, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff...

Sterling silver ring Quicksands & Tides, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver ring Quicksands & Tides

152 LEI

Sterling silver ring Quicksands & Tides with gold, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. Slender jewel that feels confidently comfortable, chic, elegant and above all, authentic on your finger. Inspir..

Sterling silver ring Quelque chose du merveille

172 LEI

Sterling silver ring Quelque chose du merveille with goldstone. Go deep into searing hot summer moods with this terribly chic and becoming silver ring!..

Sterling silver ring Love’s Little Ways

202 LEI

Sterling silver ring Love’s Little Ways with tiger’s eye and cat’s eye, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. Chase after one the loveliest things of beauty most ready and fivestar qualified to gear y..

Sterling silver ring LoveWork

135 LEI 182 LEI

Sterling silver ring LoveWork with amethyst stone. Absolutely starling!  Absolutely engaging! For beautiful deserving women...

Sterling Silver ring LoveMate

225 LEI 253 LEI

Sterling Silver ring LoveMate, Premium Menswear, with gold, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff. The vein of creativity, sourcing and resourcing constantly in the complex interplay of sophistication ..

Sterling silver ring LoveHallo

56 LEI

Sterling silver ring LoveHallo, goldplated with goldstone...

Sterling silver ring LoveBumps

119 LEI 152 LEI

Sterling silver ring LoveBumps with lapis, handmade & handcrafted by Ibralhoff...

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