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Sterling silver earrings The Way of Sway

209 LEI

Wonderfully effectful glistening intense and vibrant pair of earrings, colorful sterling fiddling in your ear, embodiment of blooming urbane femininity. ..

Sterling silver earrings Shifting Ambers

330 LEI

Trendy and high chic earrings, very stylish and modern with a fine slender cut and edge, perfect for broadways, catwalk, events. Go out and make a stir!..

Sterling silver ring Heavy Intoxication

300 LEI

Intoxicate yourself with the lush irresistible call of massive kicking jewel so compatible to your wear! Internalize the magic, feel the urge, appropriate aura, own it and share it!  ..

Sterling silver ring Guilded Love with large natural amethyst

450 LEI

Feel the fragrance, the unique appealing fragrance of handmade beauties! Get the feeling! Chase after this fascinating beauty relentlessly!..

Sterling silver and pure filigree ring Perfume Fleuristique

285 LEI

Stay atop with the finest! Wear this magic silver wing to propitiate good will and good luck into your life, steady on your side! Feel witty, posh and modish!..

Sterling silver ring Recit Etoile

385 LEI

The sparkly jingliest thing these days, a fine, slender tubular ring which challenges your mood and wear in the most playful kicking fuss!..

Sterling silver ring Love of Old

355 LEI

Old intimation and titillation on the very edges of shapes, circularity, construals, randez-vous avec the old territories of human vision and mindset. We all agree in the end…the old faithful way prov..

Sterling silver and pure filigree ring Fleur Couture

445 LEI 450 LEI

Exclusively handworked jewel to envelop and bewitch you the crazy way. Get lost in the feeling! Go flow with the feeling! Blooming thriving meticulously handcrafted wild flower transposed in unique de..

Sterling silver and pure filigree earrings L’Esprit du Plaisir

270 LEI

The spirit and character of pleasure condensed in haute-couture jewels with a retro edge..

Sterling silver and pure filigree ring Beaucoup De Reve

209 LEI

Decode the secret within the filigree tangle in one of a king challenge of beauty!  ..

Sterling silver and pure filigree ring Flora Ingenua

249 LEI

Feast your fantasy at length, nourish your finest dreams and craves on insatiably ineffably  beautiful and shapely jewel, one prettiest babe to turn your senses on and up, definitely not for the ..

Sterling silver and pure filigree ring Strange Innuendo, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver and pure filigree ring Strange Innuendo

135 LEI

Graceful, stylish, feminine kind of jewel revised on the very threshold between feminine flower and seastar...

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