Classica Autumnalia

Autumn is one of the most challenging times for matching your outfits. A lot of colors and styles, a plethora of emotions reflected among the leaves and flowers that lose their control in the wind and a single desire of each woman: the uniqueness. Jewelry is extremely demanding finery sometimes. They can match with different colors and different styles of clothing. If we assemble them correctly, we can make our outfit a true mirror of femininity and elegance.

We offer you a collection that closely reflects the essence of your personality. The collection combines uniquely handmade jewelry, thus giving great value to details. The fact that each piece is handcrafted means that each piece is actually worked with the soul.

The jewels are made of 925 silver, which is a good purchase because you will have a great silver and high durability gem.

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Sterling silver ring Serena

201 LEI

Sterling silver ring Serena, handmade etched & engraved. Epicurean indulgence at humblest prices way beyond any comment. Respectful of our creed. Quality, passion & customers first...

Sterling silver ring Matiere sensuelle

299 LEI 322 LEI

Sterling silver ring Matiere sensuelle...

Sterling silver ring Fields of Greenies

454 LEI

Sterling silver ring Fields of Greenies with aventurine. Once upon a time… there’s been an inner crave for beauty striving to make both its way and its shape out. This one of a kind jewel is one dili..

Sterling silver ring Duchess

400 LEI 454 LEI

Sterling silver ring Duchess. Intensity and transparence. Gorgeous kick. Pursuing singularity and chicness at the highest of levels. Proudly darting, subtly blooming, a fabulous expression of feminin..

Sterling silver ring Carmina Nera

425 LEI 454 LEI

Sterling silver ring Carmina Nera with large black onyx stone. Elitist, compact, staggering jewel, myriad shades of black and emotion stricken, enticingly translated in depth, colour, volumes, encomp..

Sterling silver ring Bella Storia

454 LEI

Sterling silver ring Bella Storia with aventurine. Rewarding, bold, filling the eye and feasting the high-spirited mood of the beholder. Gratifying the wearer in the most effectively satisfying way. ..

Sterling silver ring Autumn Glories

359 LEI 454 LEI

Sterling silver ring Autumn Glories. Flattering, gratifying jewel. Intricately iconic showcasing boldness, lushness, full-bodiedness, floweriness. Sensuously trimmed and sense-geared kind of jewel. F..

Sterling silver ring Autumn Berries

227 LEI

Sterling silver ring Autumn Berries with large carnelian. Charisma-filled jewel for delicate and daring women. Feelings of depth, hidden crave, winding waves and watery hues, nostalgia and autumn-ins..

Sterling silver bracelet Enchantress

395 LEI 403 LEI

Sterling silver bracelet Enchantress...

Massive sterling silver ring Emergence

290 LEI 302 LEI

Massive sterling silver ring Emergence...

Large Sterling silver ring Streaks of Des(s)ert

395 LEI 403 LEI

Large Sterling silver ring Streaks of Des(s)ert. Imposing, impressing, sweetly sandy, strikingly marbly statement jewel, just enough to stir things on...

Large sterling silver ring Insularia, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Large sterling silver ring Insularia

355 LEI 393 LEI

Large sterling silver ring Insularia...

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