Anima Medievale Collection

Sensational and refined medieval jewelry have retained their charm and beauty even after centuries. Apart from the decorative value, these ornaments had meanings and complex connotations. Due to these strong senses attached to them, jewels became an essential part of the medieval sign language.

We have created for you a collection of handmade jewelry inspired by the expressiveness of those times to give you a distinctive note, as jewelery is made by hand. The models are unique, so your appearance will be inimitable.

We use only high quality material, 925 silver, so that your brilliance is not compromised.

A rich sense of beauty harking back to our joint Dacian ancestry and Roman heritage as well as a fully-fledged claim of kinship to our long-lived fascination with Imperial Byzantine and Ottoman cultural and esthetic legacy altogether bearing its marks and stamps all over the Balkans; alongside a storming addiction to all things stylish, French par excellence in shape, pattern and spirit, passing through time-honored expertise and tradition-sanctioned votive craftsmanship enriched by old Russian monarchic coat-of-arms contagion and Prussian overlayers have eventually forged and refined a unique Romanian artistic identity.

  The Ibralhoff woman is above all one beauty-receptive woman. 

    She’s got those beauty receptors and genuine chemistry that connect her to all sources of art and creativity.

    She’s natural and self-aware and in love with all things creative.

    She’s got a crush on all things worthy and beautiful and she just can’t help it for one good reason. She’s beauty responsive and center of beauty herself.  

     She’s very much empowered by her own spellbinding fragility.

    She’s got that undefined touch of sophistication which makes generations worship her as a goddess.

  Her modernity is steeped in present and altogether rooted in centuries-old metamorphoses of femininity.

The jewels She picks and wears and feels intertwined with are extensions of her own spirit, statements of her personality and creative drives.

What she explores, she shares.

What she knows she treasures.

 What she feels, she dares. 

What she values, she brings to light. What she creates, she sends out into the world as flipping messages across time.  

Grid View:

Sterling silver ring Wriggle

59 LEI

Sterling silver ring Wriggle Sterling silver ring youngish and comfy, just right for you...

Sterling silver ring with pure filigree IN THE GRIP OF LOVE

300 LEI 375 LEI

Meticulously crafted jewel showcasing intricate design rich in hand decoration filling your heart with joy. Stay in the grip of love!..

Sterling silver ring with filigree SORCERESS

205 LEI 250 LEI

Sterling silver ring with filigree SORCERESS, handmade by Ibralhoff Get festive and unique this Christmas!Adore your lovingly handcrafted jewels!Nourish your finest wildest dreams on balmy inspiring ..

Sterling silver ring Wild Spirit

215 LEI

Sterling silver ring Wild Spirit, handmade by Ibralhoff..

Sterling silver ring Volare

175 LEI

Sterling silver ring Volare Nonconformistic silver jewel speaking out attractiveness...

Sterling silver ring Urban Jungle

145 LEI

Sterling silver ring Urban Jungle, handmade by Ibralhoff Bizarre interesting choice of a jewel to embellish jour finger with the conundrums of urbanity...

Sterling silver ring Upstream

110 LEI

Sterling silver ring Upstream...

Sterling silver ring Uplifted

233 LEI

Sterling silver ring Uplifted..

Sterling silver ring Tria

78 LEI

Sterling silver ring Tria...

Sterling silver ring Transgression, Bijuterii de argint lucrate manual, handmade
Out Of Stock

Sterling silver ring Transgression

345 LEI

Sterling silver ring Transgression-Unique, exclusively handcrafted by Ibralhoff This amazing bold and outstanding jewel pays homage to inspiring innovative women, thriving with love, passion, fantasy..

Sterling silver ring Towerlet

83 LEI

Sterling silver ring Towerlet, handmade by Ibralhoff Perky, potent, motivating jewel...

Sterling silver ring Timeless Tenders

243 LEI

Sterling silver ring Timeless Tenders Connectable, committable, relatable to you by all means. Wear a shred of pure glow, a strip of beauty like a badge of pride...

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